Gelarto Fiat 500 seating

Currently in transit to NEW YORK City, these retro Fiat 500 models will be used as seating in a new Gelato and ice-cream store. These will look awesome Alongside our Vespa Piagio bar seats. More photos to come once installed.      You may have seen our scooter seats before in one of many UK shoppping[…]


Scooter Seating

Currently working on these super quirky ‘Vespa’ seats for a Gelato bar in New York city. Fully moulded in fibreglass with Vespa parts and fittings.  Also being made is some seating which is the back half of a vintage Fiat 500. Keep tuned for pictures of these or check out our portfolio for more of[…]


Trilogy natural products

One of our latest projects. An interactive sample dispenser for natural product company ‘Trilogy’ Approximately one meter high and houses a battery operated pump which dispenses a sample each time the button is pressed.


Tower Bridge for Energizer

TOWER BRIDGE SCULPTURE… We do love a good 3am installation, especially when it involves 2 tonnes of recycled batteries, forklift trucks, cranes and lorries!This mega sculpture was built for Cirkle PR and Energizer to mark their launch of their first recycled batteries.Long day, long arduous month of sticking on batteries for many of us but[…]